the King's manuscript: my first antichoice counter-protest experience


was pretty awesome. Fort Myers is a pretty conservative town with a growing number of young people and liberals, and we felt we needed to be heard. The anti-choice sign holders outside the Planned Parenthood in Fort Myers have never been counter-protested, and we felt it necessary to defend an important organization and our rights.

Madison and I had four signs, “Pro Choice. My Choice” “My Mind, My Body, My Choice” “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” and a sign with an arrow pointing to the anti-choicers that says “Ignorance” to counter their sign that says “Babies are being killed here today”

90% of reactions to our signs were positive, with waves and smiles. One woman yelled, “You made my day!” and another pulled over and handed us “money for lunch” and thanked us. The best thing was a man who saw the two of us holding our four signs, and asked if he could hold one with us. He hung out with us for most of the day and said, “They better keep their noses out of my daughter’s womb!”

FOX 4 News showed up and filmed us. They interviewed both sides, and talked to Madison. She sounded very educated and polite. The other side said they thought we were being paid by Planned Parenthood to stand out there. One woman from their side came and asked me why I thought babies should be killed, and prayed for me. I was polite, it was hard, but she did not want to hear my argument anyway. The main organizer of their side said to me as they left, “We’ve been here every Thursday for a year. See you next Thursday.” Challenge accepted.

If you want to join our efforts, we meet at the corner of Winkler and College in Fort Myers at 9:30AM on Thursdays. We have signs for people to hold, but you can make your own too!

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  5. lindseyyyy said: planned parenthood doesn’t even do abortions right? don’t they only sell/give out plan b? just curious, and thumbs up to you and every one there, i would of been there if i hadn’t already moved
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