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Hey, hey! I was wondering if you or any of your lovely followers knew if PP sends people mail when they donate via the website. I was hoping to donate but I'm in a bit of a situation where I can't receive mail from them at my home address. Thanks for any help!

Thanks for your question! I did a little searching for this one, and came across this:

If you make an online donation to us, your information will be added to one or more of our supporter lists and databases, and you will be contacted about other Planned Parenthood activities, news, and/or fundraising campaigns 

Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to opt out of their physical mailing list. If you have a center in your area, however, I know you can make an in-person donation with no address needed. I hope this helps, and I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you! If any of our followers have any additional advice, feel free to submit it.
- Jenni