Kansas Appeals Judge's Order in Planned Parenthood Case


Sing it with me: Fuck you, Kansas - Fuck Yoooouuuuu.  Fuck you, Kansas - Fuck Yoooouuuuuu.

Kansas on Tuesday filed a notice of appeal asking a federal judge to overturn a temporary injunction blocking a state law that ends the state’s allocation of federal family planning funding to Planned Parenthood, the AP/Wichita Eagle reports. The state also asked for an immediate suspension of the judge’s order pending the appeal of his decision. […]

The state attorneys argued that Planned Parenthood has no federal right to the funds and that Marten’s injunction violates 11th Amendment protections of state sovereignty. “Even if the court is correct that ‘this must be about abortion,’ it simply cannot be that the right to obtain an abortion in certain limited circumstances, or even to advocate for abortion, trumps both federal and state spending authority, as well as the state’s sovereign immunity,” they wrote in their appeal. The state also questioned whether the public would be harmed if the law were allowed to take effect.

Said it once and I’ll say it again: state sovereignty my ass.

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