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Can I share someone else's bc story? Elizabeth Banks wrote a great article about it: ivillage. com/elizabeth-banks-surrogacy-and-birth-control-pills/1-a-438747

I’ve read this! Awesome article.

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I wanted to add that I believe these things should be between a woman and her doctor, who went to school and is educated on these issues. Politicians and employers should get no say. I shouldn't have to explain or justify my medical history to you to get the medication I need. How is that not a violation of rights or privacy? Most of these people don't know the benefits of birth control or anything about endometriosis, PCOS or other women's health issues. Why do uneducated people call the shots?

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Birth control helps me manage my PCOS symptoms/hormones. I NEED IT. PP has been a life saver because I am currently unemployed, without insurance. I am so damn angry that straight, white men who have no idea what any of us go through get a say in all of this. I am angry

Just say no to video editing.

(I’m sorry this is a submit, but links aren’t allowed in asks). 

This is the link to the “sting operation” video on youtube, and right now it has more likes then dislikes. What I’d like to ask is if we could get as many people as possible to go to that video, and hit the thumbs-down button. 

Also, I know that I went and flagged it as inappropriate, due to it being a scam/fraud, which it kind of is. Maybe if enough people do that, the video will be taken down. 

I don’t know if this is anything FYPP would like to call for, and I’m sorry if it isn’t, but the group that made this video, shouldn’t be allowed to keep it up on youtube, not with the way they’ve edited the footage. 

Hey there!  I am a long-time Planned Parenthood activist/volunteer/supporter, and now I actually work at PP which has been a goal of mine for years.  

I just wanted to thank you for your tumblr. We deal with so much hate and opposition, and whenever I read your blog I remember that there are people who support us and understand why we’re needed and how we’ve helped so many people throughout the years.

So, thank you. Thanks for being on our side, and thanks for being vocal about it. It means a lot to me, and I’m sure it means a lot to all of my fellow PP employees.


This makes me so happy, thank you!! I look up to people like you so much because I’ve been a volunteer for PP for several years and I hope to continue doing so, and maybe even one day work for them. 

Thank you for putting your time, effort, and love into this organization. I will endlessly fight for and support Planned Parenthood and I know our followers feel the same way.


Salt Lake City teens!

First of all, I wanted to say what a great thing you have going here. I wish there was a site like this to help me when I was searching through a sea of Google results looking for help. I wish I knew more peoples stories back then, so I thought I’d share my own.

Needless to say, I was filled with terror and anxiety surrounding my first visit. I walked into the metro location, and was welcomed with smiles and a warm energy. They simply handed me a clipboard to fill out my information, and once that was done I was just waiting to be seen. Once my name was called, I was taken into a private room, and asked simple questions about my sexual history. All you have to do is answer honestly and openly, and they gave me my prescription, which ended up costing me under $10, (although the price does vary person to person). The man who questioned me was lighthearted, making small jokes and making me feel more at ease, and I knew I wasn’t being judged for anything I was saying, and there was really nothing to be afraid of!

I was honest about my information, phone numbers, addresses, and my parents were never contacted. No mail was sent to my house, and no phone rang with Planned Parenthood on the other end ready to divulge my most intimate secrets.

The reason you want to be honest is not because they are interested in your personal life, it’s because they are concerned with your health. The questions are tedious, but necessary to determine the perfect birth control for you. They do have free condoms should you chicken out and choose to run!

Anyway, I highly recommend the 654 south 900 East location for any SLC readers. Remember that there is nothing to be afraid of, and you’re making a great and responsible decision.

Thank you so much for running such a wonderful blog! :)

Would you please share this video with your followers & ask them to do the same?
Unite against the war on women with others across the country in Columbus Ohio this Saturday! 

Both I and my younger (sixteen year-old) sister live at home. Yesterday, I tugged her into my room, shut the door and dialled Planned Parenthood. Within five minutes, I had booked us both back-to-back appointments with one of the local doctors who works with PP to provide low-cost health care. Why?

I’m looking to get an IUD. I did my research, and then last month I went in to see a GP at the walk-in health clinic down the street. The first thing she told me was, “I’m a GP, so IUDs aren’t my thing.” Then she proceeded to tell me what I knew were outright lies or misinformation about IUDs: that I couldn’t get one because I was too young and doctors generally don’t give them to women under 35, that the IUD would “obliterate” my endometrium, that using an IUD now would make it difficult or impossible for me to ever get pregnant when I was older. After that, she systematically shot down all of my other birth control options but the Pill (including one memorable point where she abruptly advised me to start going to the gym and working out because I needed to lose weight, based on what she could see of me while wearing my parka. When I asked why she would even say that, she replied that it was because I was too fat to use the Patch). Her big selling point of the Pill was that it would get rid of my acne (which is minimal), rather than anything that actually related to my contraceptive needs… and all this while completely ignoring the fact that I’d opened the appointment by saying that I was looking for a form of birth control that was low-maintenance and long-term.

My sister also needs birth control, but her situation is different than mine. She’s sexually active (whereas I am not, and am merely being optimistic). Our mom found out and flipped her lid; then, when my sister asked for help in getting on the Pill, my mom told her it wasn’t necessary and it wasn’t going to happen, because she wasn’t allowed to be having sex. My sister then came to me for help.

My opinion on whether or not my sixteen year-old sis should be having sex is irrelevant; all I know is that she is having sex and wants to be safe about it. As things are, though, my sister can’t get her birth control covered by insurance (like my IUD) or by our parents, meaning that it has to come out of her pocket (or mine, because like hell I’m leaving my little sis to have unsafe sex for lack of resources). It also means that she has to be able to hide whatever form of birth control she gets, making the Pill a bad choice. So I turned to Planned Parenthood.

We’ve got our appointments next week. I know that when we go, I’ll be getting accurate information from a doctor who will listen to what I say, and who will be able to put my IUD in on the second appointment; and my sister will be getting low-cost, low-maintenance birth control that’s easy to hide for the next few years. And I know that this will keep us safer than we would be without it, and without Planned Parenthood.

I attended a meet and greet with Cecile Richards today at my school, Montana State University, and it was incredible!

I’ve never gone to Planned Parenthood but, as a young woman, just knowing they are there brings me so much comfort. If I need help I just have to ask.

I love what PP does so much and I’m planning on volunteering there as soon as I’m old enough.